Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting ready for show on Mother's Day

I had a lesson today. It's been a while as we have been getting back into shape from being off for the winter. We worked on lengthening on the circle with lots of bend , going back and forth. Really helped with the hind leg push. (look up) Transitions with more bend to keep his head from popping up. Canter lengthening to collected canter to uber collected for 2 strides back to lengthening. Trot, halt, back, trot. Leg yielding- to the right almost counter bend because he drops his right shoulder.
I also trimmed him up, still a little hairy but he looks even more handsome, if that is possible!

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achieve1dream said...

Do we get to see handsome trimmed pictures? :D

Good luck at the show and have fun!